Monday, August 2, 2010

"Tammy Metzger thinks you're cute" (and so does God)

The picture above was taken circa 1974 that would be close to the time I was in 9th grade.

Knowing that someone looks at us with a measure of delight changes us. This is true of those early experiences of attraction as well as deeper romantic relationships. It has been true of my relationship with my wife, Leslie. But it is also true of family relationships. And it is true of friendship. All relationships in which we know ourselves to be noticed, delighted in, enjoyed, cherished, loved, or even simply considered "cute" change and form us. ~Mathew Gunter

Last February around Valentine's Day I became aware of this blog posting that is sort of about me. A classmate from school became an Episcopal priest and he wrote this about his memory of me back in 9th grade. Sometimes you never know how you have touched someone by doing or saying something albeit small. Thanks Matt for letting me know. I think hearing about this so many years later was nice because it was sort of a "coming around full circle".