Monday, December 10, 2012

The other morning

The other morning, originally uploaded by TammyTalking.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Wish You...

We Wish You..., originally uploaded by TammyTalking.

love in 2011!

Love Conquers All ~Virgil

All You Need Is Love ~The Beatles

Love Is The Answer ~Todd Rundgren

The Greatest Of These Is Love ~1 Corinthians 13:13

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lioness

The Lioness, originally uploaded by TammyTalking.

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Tammy Metzger thinks you're cute" (and so does God)

The picture above was taken circa 1974 that would be close to the time I was in 9th grade.

Knowing that someone looks at us with a measure of delight changes us. This is true of those early experiences of attraction as well as deeper romantic relationships. It has been true of my relationship with my wife, Leslie. But it is also true of family relationships. And it is true of friendship. All relationships in which we know ourselves to be noticed, delighted in, enjoyed, cherished, loved, or even simply considered "cute" change and form us. ~Mathew Gunter

Last February around Valentine's Day I became aware of this blog posting that is sort of about me. A classmate from school became an Episcopal priest and he wrote this about his memory of me back in 9th grade. Sometimes you never know how you have touched someone by doing or saying something albeit small. Thanks Matt for letting me know. I think hearing about this so many years later was nice because it was sort of a "coming around full circle".

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


SAN DIEGO, CA, June 28, 2010… Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog who lives a lifestyle of helping others by pawing it forward, and who recently won 3rd place in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Surf competition, has reached a new milestone - 10,000 fans on Facebook! This fan base has also help raise almost $30,000 in donations for Ricochet's charitable causes!
Ricochet started her Facebook page in December of 2009 to help raise awareness and funds for her charities. Now, just six months later, she's reached the 10,000 fan mark, which grows every day.

Many people join Ricochet's Facebook page after watching her inspirational YouTube video, "From service dog to SURFice dog", They often leave comments such as "I watched the video and couldn't stop crying! She's so inspiring, so amazing!", or "Wow! After my tears dried I couldn't wait to learn more about you and all that you do. You're one of a kind!"
Although folks join Ricochet's page as "fans", they quickly become much more than that. They share a connection... a common bond, which deepens the relationship to one of mutual support, inspiration and friendship. Her 10,000th fan, Rosemary Catherine is the epitome of this shared connection, as both she and Ricochet support "Surfers Healing", an organization that exposes autistic children to the unique experience of surfing.
Another fan, Lara Davis who is studying to be a teacher for children with special needs shared the 10,000th celebration by saying "I was truly touched (and in tears!) I love the message and the outreach efforts ricochet puts fourth. I've always thought animals such as Ricochet could make a big difference in the lives of children".
Reaching this key milestone demonstrates how much Ricochet's worldwide community supports her efforts. Her supporters have helped her raise awareness and funds... to the tune of almost $30,000 for both human and animal causes! In fact, two fundraising campaigns were funded almost entirely by her Facebook supporters. A canine cancer walk garnered $1820 in donations, and an arthritis walk raised over $5580 in donations.
Ricochet sincerely thanks each and every one of her supporters, and looks forward to a continued relationship of actively engaging them in Facebook conversations, while providing them with updates featuring her day-to-day activities, fundraising efforts, causes, events, news, photos, videos, articles, and FUN! She is currently fundraising for Helen Woodward Animal Center's orphaned animals, and anticipates another successful outcome with the help of her amazing supporters!
Note: For more information, contact Judy Fridono at 707-228-0679 or On Facebook & Twitter: "Surf Dog Ricochet"

Friday, July 9, 2010